This is why you should not close your eyes during s3x

Eye contact is very important during se-x. Women love men who look straight into their eyes during steamy se-x. In their book, Tantra: the secret power of se-x Arvind Kale and Shanta Kale argue that women feel happier when a man looks directly into their eyes during s3x than when he closes them. Here are reasons not to close your eyes during se-x.

1. Eye contact is a show of respect

By looking into a woman’s eyes while making love to her is a show of respect. Eye contact is considered one of the ways to show and earn respect from your partner. A man who closes his eyes during the act shows that he does not respect her partner. Eye contact also shows that you know you are having se-xually involved with someone and you are feeling great over the same.

2. Eye contact shows you are interested

Ever slept with someone who was not interested? Closing your eyes when engaging in se-x with someone indicates that you have no interest. Couples who close their eyes when engaging in se-x are likely to be having issues in the relationship.

3. Eye contact is a show of understanding

Closing eyes during se-x mean you lack the understanding of what is required. Looking into her eyes reminds her that you value her feelings more than anything else. Love lies in the eyes and hence they must remain open during s3x.

4. Eye contact shows appreciation

Eye contact with your partner during s3x shows that you appreciate each other. It is disturbing to have s-x with a man or woman who has closed her eyes throughout the session. A man needs to appreciate her man for pleasurable se-xual encounters. Women remember men who look into their eyes during s3x than those who close their eyes.