How To Determine Shape & Depths Of Gen1tal parts By Facial Features (Unofficial)

You can determine the size and shape of the va-g1na or joystick from the face and the fingers ( discounting any possibility of plastic surgery ) . This is fortunate because it is important that the vag1na and joystick be compatible.
For example , a woman with a long va-g1na would need a long joystick for a perfect fit . A woman with a wide va-g1na would require a thick joystick . ( Unfortunately , you will have to forget what they taught you in the schoolyards and Indecency theatres , boys and girls : You can ‘ t just put together just any joystick and va-g1na for a proper relationship. They should be matched for true and long -lasting happiness in finding the person you love. )
There are a few physical characteristics which give clues as to the length and shape of the joystick . These clues are about 90 % accurate since they are formed upon the theories of acupuncture – which, in practice, is always personalized according to each individual :
1 . A man who has a long nose and long fingers will have a long joystick .
2 . If he has a short nose and short fingers, he will have a short joystick . ( The women who have utilized the cuff of the wrist to the tip of the pinky theory have been correct . )
3 . If a man has a long nose and short fingers, or a short nose and long fingers, he will have a medium – length joystick .
4 . If the tip of the nose is fat , he will have a fat joystick . ( Thin tips indicate thinner joysticks. )
5 . The thumb is shaped like the joystick . If the thumb is shaped like a mushroom , the joystick will have a large head and a narrow shaft . If the thumb is triangular in shape , the joystick will be triangular also. ( A mushroom – shaped joystick is considered to be the best as it is the most pleasing for the woman . )
6 . If the man has thick , wide lips, he will have a big joystick .
More than twice as many clues about the nature and shape of a woman ‘ s va-g1na are obtainable from facial analysis . ( These are also about 90% accurate. )
1 . If a woman has a small mouth and short fingers she will have a small , short vag1na . ( If the fingers do not match this description, consider only the mouth. )
2 . If she has big, thick lips, her va-gina will be wide and thick .
3 . If she has deep – set eyes , her vag-ina will be deep.
4 . A woman with ” skinny” eyelids also will have a deep vag-ina .
5 . If her eyelids are thick and meaty, she will have a short vag-ina . The meatier the lids, the shorter the va-gina .
6 . If a woman has bulging eyes , her va-gina will be even shorter . ( Many men choose a woman with a short vag-ina for their own pleasure . They go into the Second Gate, or uterus. ( Men think this is wonderful , but this is very harmful for the woman . )
7 . A woman who is near- sighted will have a deep vag-ina . the more near – sighted she is , the deeper her vag-ina will be .
8 . If she has big, watery eyes , she will have a big , watery vag-ina . Her va-gina , like her eyes , secrete fluids readily . ( The bigger the eyes , the wider the va-gina . )
9 . A woman with a wide mouth and thin lips will have a narrow ( small ) and long ( deep) vag-ina .
10. Puckered , protruding lips or protruding bone structure indicate an elastic vag-ina . It could be big or small, but it will be very wet , warm , and soft. It also vibrates and trembles, and it is considered by many men to be the most satisfying. ( Notice those strong features on Jeri Ryan ?) Taoists refer to it as the ” talking vag1na ” .
11. A woman who is tough and emotionless ( never crying ) will have a va-gina that is hard and dry. ( A physical ‘ armoring ‘ against natural feelings of se-xuality can and will lead to this psychic state of emotional ‘ armoring ‘ . )
12. If she has narrow cheeks and jaws , she will have a small , crooked va-gina . If it is only slightly curved , there will not be a problem . However , if the curve is significant , she will need a long , thin joystick .
13. If she has a narrow forehead and a flat nose , she will have a short, wide vag1na . ( The outside will be flat ; the inside , very wide but short. )
14. If she has protruding cheek bones , called ” widow bones” , she will have a very deep vag-ina and a strong se-xual desire . This is considered to be very undesirable because this type of woman is potentially able to se-xually consume or devour her partner ( simular to the ‘ Black Widow ‘ Spider) .
15. If she has a dimple , she has a very short va-gina , probably a Double Ring Vag1na.
Men and women share a few characteristics in facial analysis .
1 . Lines at the corner of the eye indicate that the person has a strong s3xual inclination and is very approachable . Greater numbers of lines and deeply etched lines multiply this tendency . ( See following figure ) A person with no lines in this area has little or no s3xual urge .
2 . Deep lines at the mouth indicate a strong se-xual desire . ( See following figure )
3 . A person with a long , powerful chin also has a strong s3xual urge .
The intensity of the s3xual inclination depends upon how many of these characteristics are combined as well as how pronounced they are . Of course , these characteristics can also be modified somewhat by other personality traits . . . Learn ” The Forbiddens , “